Kwikwap and SEO

Kwikwap has certain advantages over website management software like wordpress regarding SEO.

The following explain it a little better in detail:

This is the actual question from a client and below you will find the technical response from Kwikwap:

Question by client:

I have a few questions related to the SEO of the Kwikwap sites.

I notice that when our URL opens it shows the Kwikwap domain/url all the time -  I also notice that all documents and images is “stored” on Kwikwap/mydomain name thus could you please confirm how this is indexed  by the search engines.

Does my domain function on its own or does it function as a domain being forwarded to a Kwikwap subdomain/page?

I have wordpress sites and I most certainly do not store my images on my hosts domain, I store them on my own domain.

If my domain name functions as a subdomain/page of Kwikwap it  would be very very bad for SEO and will mean that we will NEVER have a good ranking as the AUTOTRADERS module is image based.

(This would explain why I don’t find any of  the Kwikwap sites using the autotrader module eventhough they have up to 200 000 hits – I only find them when I google Kwikwap autotrader)

Answer by Kwikwap:

When a site is created the files are created on kwikwap locally and then transferred to the domain name via ftp. The final location of the files is not a sub domain at all.

A sub domain would be:

Your domain is not a sub domain of kwikwap at all.

The reason why you get redirected from kwikwap is when the site is busy being created Google starts indexing it. If we did not do the redirect your seo would start from scratch. By us redirecting it you don't lose that initial seo.

The final location of all images and files should be in the domain name. If it is not then please let me know directly so I can look into it.

It will not affect your seo though because the 'point of contact' for the file is on your domain and not ours.

Our client's domains receives millions of hits a month by only using generic seo and none of it is paid.

The seo of the sites we update weekly as Google and other search engines update the way they do things.

WordPress in comparison is, in my opinion, useless because the seo needs to be done by the designer manually and 99% of people don't even know what seo stands for.

I hope this clears up your question a little. If not let me know and I can try and go into more detail for you.


Your email inbox is a great source for great content for your website. Using this example I have created an useful blog entry on this website using the efforts of other people. (Question by a client and answer by the technical team at Kwikwap.) It remains original content even though I am not the original author of it. The content is relevant to the subject of SEO , the topic of this website / book.

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