Kwikwap SEO Book – Introduction

Most of the principles, which will be discussed in the Kwikwap SEO Book, applies equally to websites built on other platforms such as Wordpress.

The main difference being that with Kwikwap anybody can easily add content to their websites without having to approach their webmaster. Some people literally need as little as 5 minutes guidance in person or via the telephone to get going.

Kwikwap have been developed over the past 13 years with the idea of being the most user friendly web design software available. At the same time 13 years have been invested in improving the technical structure of websites so that search engines can easily find the content to get the indexing process going. (When someone does a Google search Google does not search the entire web but they search their index of the web.)

So while the Kwikwap technical team takes care of high level technical issues to improve SEO for their clients, clients only have to worry about content. There are a few technical issues that clients have to be aware off such as:

  • The main business description
  • The name of the website (Main Title as Google sees it)
  • Including important words in the important home and about us pages, especially the introductory pages. Doing it naturally.
  • Considering headings of blogs, products and services or custom pages
  • Using your own original content
  • Using Google’s free tools to measure actual results

The purpose of this book is to explain the important basics well to Kwikwap clients and to expand further on other technical issues and opportunities which Kwikwap clients are presented with.


Google and other technological companies are working on artificial intelligence. The future is already here!

While there are certain technical aspects one has to get right with your Kwikwap Website like choosing the main page title, selecting and using the right keywords there is no easy answer to SEO or being found on the WEB.

One can not fool search engines on the long run.

Once your website has been found by a human you have a few seconds to show that you can provide in a certain need, product or service. If your website is spammy or full of gibberish just to attract website traffic those people who found your website will quickly leave.

If Google finds your low quality, spammy website then you might be removed completely from Google's index. They have even done in in the past to large companies like BMW who employed black hat SEO techniques.

Now that you have been warned about not taking short cuts, thinking you can fool search engines and that SEO is not a matter of simply jamming a few keywords onto a page here are some places where you have to be a little technicaly minded and populate some fields within your Kwikwap Website. This is done to guide Search Engines in which categpory your website falls and where you should be indexed. If these sections are not supported by actual text in your wbeiste you might as well not bother to fill in these keywords.

Picture above. See arrows where you have to click on admin and settings and then (second arrow ) where you click on Basic Business Info and SEO settings. The screen below will appear.

Please read / important info

Picture above : Within your Kwikwap Website you will find usefull tips. Read and implement them. Note the question mark in blue. See picture below.

Picture above. Further instructions are found once you hover on the question mark. 

These sections need to be read carefully and once populated updated and published.

One of the free tools available from Google is Google's Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools.

I had a look at this website ( search results for the past 90 days. This website as it now stands is a complete failure! And this website contains a ton of information, books and guides on SEO even.

It seems very few people Google for the product i offer. (There is no or little demand for DIY SEO) . That's not true. Truth is that there are much better information on the subject of SEO , especially large specialist SEO websites like Search Engine Land based in the USA. This is the reason I have decided to implement a change of direction for this website by targeting Kwikwap clients which are found mostly in South Africa.

See this websites actual results for the past 90 days below:

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